Our Group Walks take place in several parts of Hampstead Heath, The Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Wormwood Scrubs park. Our Countryside Daycare locations vary but is usually half an hour north of London in the countryside of Hertfordshire.
We simply invoice at the end of the month via email. You can either pay by bank transfer or direct debit.
We charge £15.00 per Group Walk or £14.00 if your dog joins 5 days per week. We charge £30.00 per day for Countryside Daycare. All prices include VAT.
Yes. We have the highest level of insurance which is specifically tailored to professional dog walking. We are insured for:
  • Dog walking in public areas
  • Pet transport
  • Boarding/Dog Sitting
  • Key Holding
We are also one of the only dog walking companies licensed to walk in The Royal Parks.
Our walks are usually in packs of 4/5 dogs per walker, although we are insured to walk up to 6 dogs per walker. We pride ourselves on being one of the only dog walking companies in London to strictly keep insurance limit.